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SL16: Open Letter about the ISAF Youth World Championship
The future of the SL16 at the ISAF Youth World Championships is currently...

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Find all the documents relating to the Topaz boats in the Media Gallery.

Topaz Cats

Topaz Cats Finesse & modernity for the beginner

  • Topper, specialist of the dinghy, has been able to put its know-how and light sail experience to design its range of catamarans Topaz Cats. On this occasion, Yves Loday and Rob White have come together to design boats as simple as they are efficient. Multi-purpose, the Topaz, 12 to 16 feet, are all designed in polyethylene Trilam rotomoulé, making them robust catamarans requiring very low maintenance. Sailing solo or a crew of two, the Topaz is an accessible boat allowing anyone a customized experience: initiation, development, or just plain sailing.
  • After a substantial program of research and testing, in the bay of La Baule, in all weather conditions, by many crews, navigating next to the SL15.5 and SL16, Topaz, catamaran polyethylene rotomoule (using the technology Trilam) manufactured by Topper is distributed by Sirena sailing and its reseller partners.
  • The entire series has a signature claw: sturdiness, volume, stability and simplicity.
Brand Model Length JIB Spinnaker Price Plug
Topaz Topaz 12 S 3.65 1.80 7.00 6400 € Topaz Topaz 12 S
Topaz Topaz 14 C 4.25 1.95 10.00 7900 € Topaz Topaz 14 C
Topaz Topaz 16 S 4.72 2.67 14.52 10200 € Topaz Topaz 16 S

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