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Sirena & the Environment

Sirena Voile commitment to the environment

Concerned about the environmental issues and anxious to always optimize the life span of boats, it is logically that Sirena is committed to the environment through the disassembling of used boats out of service.

Despite its high knowledge in the field of renovation, every year about 10 or so boats, badly damaged beyond repair, unfortunately, cannot be restored. With the assistance of the Federation of Nautical Industries and the APER association, Sirena has put in place a process of deconstruction of used boats out of service. It thus makes Sirena a pioneer by being the first French company to integrate this sector of deconstruction and recycling of BPHU (Pleasure boats out of use).

Service de déconstruction des bateaux de plaisance hors d'usage

It’s at Arc environment, based in La Rochelle, that Sirena has chosen to give their out of use boats. The company Rochelaise are responsible in removing the boats from Sirena before taking them to one of its sorting centers in order to be dismantled. The sails, riggings and fittings are reused when possible. As for the composite, it is reduced to aggregate for energy recovery or for recycling.
It then serves to manufacture new products (signs, highway barriers etc. ).

For its customers, the commitment of Sirena for the environment is reflected by the integration of a new service: the delivery of disassembling out of service boats.

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